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"I am still following your ethos and mantras and I am still reminded of the qualities you have which so expertly showed me how to be truly successful in life. Thank you Natalia for everything you gave me and are still giving to me now." Emily, English Teacher, Traveller


This service is for those out there who need that extra push, that extra confidence, that kick up the bum that we all need sometimes!


We fully believe that if an individual harnesses their true power then they become unstopable. A sudden release of energy, positivity and confidence will empower you to do all of the things you've hoped and dreamed of for far too long.


Did you know that the average person has around 65 thousand thoughts a day?! Imagine what can be done if those thoughts are focused in a positive and confident way. Imagine what can happen if you and everyone around you believes that you are going to succeed and thinks it every single day.



It is very important to feel comfortable with the person that is meant to fill you with personal confidence and guide you in your projects. So, we offer a free 30mins guidance session to make sure that our way works for you.


Natalia is the key member of our team who takes you on your guidance journey.


The guidance and mentoring sessions are not just for those based in the UK. We travel a lot and so Skype is our preferred medium. So don't worry if you're not based in the South West of England, or even in the UK at all!


If you're interested please email


You can book a stand alone session from £75 per hour or a bulk of 3 or more on Tuesdays or Fridays.



If you do become a client then we recommend a minimum of three sessions across a maximum of three months. However, for long lasting change many clients work with us longer.









What We Can Offer You:



- A clear vision of your personal strengths and how to use them


- Networking opportunities and contacts that can support you


- Clarity around your personal and professional vision


- Focus on how to achieve your goals using coaching techniques


- Guidance towards a specific project or a new avenue in your life


- Self-awareness of personal attitudes and belief systems that could be holding you back and their impact upon your life style


- Support via email in-between sessions


- Help to draw up action plans and help you realise what you want to do


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"Natalia provides such an individually tailored engagement with her clients that you won't just receive the support and expertise that iamsociable offers, but she also specifically identifies assistance for you and your business needs." - James Anderson, Poet and Creative Director of JRBA