I've always known I've wanted to do something that I can call my own, I guess I just never knew what.


I'd go from one idea to the next without pausing for air and clarity. Being a creative person, I seem to come up with ideas easily, but find it difficult to follow them through. I graduated with a Fine Art degree and have been in art collectives ever since. I set up events in every area of the creative industry, in places within the UK, such as Google Campus London, but also internationally - Nepal, Switzerland and Greece. I stumbled into the corporate, marketing world and back out again, into arts production and the freelance world, and now, here I am.


I was at home one day trying to work out exactly what I wanted to do with my life and this business. I realised I wanted to empower and bring creatives together, help them be more business minded and help them feel and be succesful. I'd recently represented an art collective at the British Art Show 7 and spoken up about artist led activity within the UK and I felt that the creative world needed more than that.


I'd just come home from a coaching course, but knew I wanted to be more than a coach. It seemed too simple, not me, not creative and alive enough! I thought about when I was in India, looking after tsunami victims and using some of what I'd learnt from my art therapy course. It was so rewarding and enganging and I realised that I wanted to make a difference, one that inspires everyone involved. Something that not only has a positive social impact, but is fun, creative, empowering and exciting!


iamsociable was created not only to help clients and customers find their dreams and make them happen, but also to help individuals out there come together and be part of a team of talented professionals in the creative industries. A place where everyone can feel and be inspired and work together to come up with amazing results. Everyone needs support and guidance sometimes.


If you are here, it is because you too, feel the same. You want to be and do what makes you successful, happy and inspired.


iamsociable is a platform for people to come together, become empowered, believe in themselves and then their businesses, or talents. A place where we will establish brand you and bring it to life!


I truly believe that if you follow your truth and do what makes you happy, then it will all work out. If you believe in yourself and your project enough then others will too, it's all about believing!


So, come with me on an adventure that will free your mind and allow for your visions to become a reality!



Natalia Komis


Adventure Maiden & Creative Activator

Founder of iamsociable & iamadventures

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Founder of iamsociable Natalia Komis

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A more professional bio: (for those who want it)

Known as the  “Adventure Maiden & Creative Activator,” Natalia Komis is the founder of iamsociable, helping creative women succeed in business. As well as, founder of iamadventures, taking women on creative walking adventures. She’s helped global startups, sales professionals, international artists, musicians, social innovators and other creatives uncover their true and make their visions a reality with a more creative, intuitive approach to fulfilling their dreams and illuminating their spirit.


An artist, adventure seeker, speaker and business consultant, Natalia brings her activist side forward to create work that merges all of her interests together for social change.


Natalia believes that the best way to really be #yourtrue essence in life and business is to listen to and understand your passions –  so you can own your dreams and be real in this world.


You can learn more about Natalia and her work at her website ( or at on facebook ( or follow her visual journey on instagram @nataliakomis.