"iamsociable will do all it promises and more. Natalia provides such an individually tailored engagement with her clients that you won't just receive the support and expertise that iamsociable offers, but she also specifically identifies assistance for you and your business needs. iamsociable's approach is determined to see positive results not only from your projects but from your attitude as a profession, which is key to everything you do with your business when bringing it to others. Natalia was able to create structure and organisation to my projects and help me to develop skills to improve many areas of my brand and create a work flow to effectively manage my projects. Their services cover everything you need to realise your project and utilises the most effective strategies to deliver your content and its message out to your audience. Natalia focuses on your strengths and aims to push these aspects. My experience with Natalia was no less than rewarding, motivational, positive, and highly important for the projects I have. I absolutely recommend iamsociable!" James Anderson, Poet and Creative Director of JRBA



"What a journey this was! THANK YOU for making This Earth Gathering 2013 happen. Your skilled contribution and marketing brought people to the event and made it possible for it to go ahead. It was delightful to work with you and we all appreciate the amount of hours and the creativity you generously offered to the project.

We hope to come to you for This Earth 2014 as we know that you are impossible to replace, not only you as you are so sociable and adventurous, but you are a gem for anybody that would work with you and a source of inspiration for any project you get into! May your splendid self have fun following your dream!" Paloma Suarez, This Earth Gathering



"I approached Natalia as I liked what she was saying about the projects she was doing and how she was connected both to her creativity and to her ability to connect out. I needed to know that I had back office support and social networking support and in fact iamsociable has offered that and much more. But what's been most surprising is the initiative taken and the imagination brought to the project - that has been eye opening and delivered interesting angles to how best I can tell the world what I do. When you're doing what you do that's what you want to be doing - you don't want to be talking about it constantly. It's been fundamental in helping me articulate what I'm doing and to best use the information given to me. It's been useful to get some education because whilst I'm not net ignorant there's a difference between being net ignorant and net savvy. Natalia and iamsociable come highly recommended." Johnny de Mearns



"Natalia's calm, friendly and non-judgemental approach has helped so much in allaying my fears of internet exposure!

I would highly recommend her accessible yet professional approach in unravelling the mysteries of social media; she has the sensitivity to realise that everyone learns at their own pace and takes things one step at a time as too much information can often be overwhelming. Thanks Natalia." Alison Harper, Artivist/Craftivist



"With forward thinking marketing strategies, a highly creative but professional attitude and a passion for the arts as a whole, Natalia is clearly a triple threat in the industry. Her knowledge of current art and business trends make her an invaluable consultant on any project." Edward Fish



"I am still following your ethos and mantras and I am still reminded of the qualities you have which so expertly showed me how to be truly successful in life. Thank you Natalia for everything you gave me and are still giving to me now." Emily, English Teacher

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